2023 VIU Graphic Design Grad Show

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Celebrate With Us

To celebrate reaching the finish line of our Bachelors degree, the graphic design grads will be hosting a grad show to show off their best work and have a one last fun night of mingling.


Friday April 21, 2023


VIU Trades Discovery Centre
Building 108
Wakesiah Avenue

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Good design happens when form follows function

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Our 2023 Grads

Faye Ostergard
Ellen McCluskey
Patrick Foster
Nancy Pagé
Kevin Mazutinec
Brad Harris

From the Faculty of Design

The principle that form follows function is one of the defining tenets of graphic design, and there's no better example than the graduating class of 2023. As their progress through the Graphic Design program was disrupted by a year spent learning online, this year's designers dug in and stayed on track even as they stayed home, too. It turns out it doesn't matter where you design, as long as you do.

Presenting the creative design work they built during their time at VIU, each of these designers is excited to demonstrate the skills and abilities they developed during their four years in the Graphic Design program.

Grad show committee members Nat Smythe, Savanah Campbell, Kayla Lovely, Yogi Singh, Jordyn Crema, and Drew Bastien, worked with faculty coordinator Brad Harris to develop the event. The students decided that this year's theme, Form Function, reflected the challenges they faced—and overcame—during the past few years. In the creation of this show, the designers all worked to demonstrate their mastery of both form and function, and the results are on display here.

Congratulations to the class of 2023!

There's so much promise and potential in this year's graduating class, and as a department, we're all excited to see what the future holds for them! Good luck to everyone and keep in touch!

The Graphic Design Faculty

Faye Ostergard
Ellen McCluskey
Patrick Foster
Nancy Pagé
Kevin Mazutinec
Brad Harris

Photo of Marni Stanley Dean Arts and Humanities

A Message from our Dean

I love graphic design.

Who is not made happy by clear signage or a beautiful dust jacket? I often choose between two similar products based on the quality of the design. And I am always trying to figure out ways to repurpose well-designed packages.

Your work contributes so much to our built and virtual worlds. Your work guides and inspires us and encourages us to see things afresh. You can manipulate the way we will receive an idea by creating emotional associations for it that bypass our rational selves. Use your mighty powers to be a force for good!

As you head out into your future I have these wishes for you: may your fonts always align, and your colours print true, and may you all wayfind well…

My best to you all,

Marni Stanley
Dean, Arts and Humanities

Thank you.

We, the graduating class of 2023, would like to thank the people that have provided us with endless support over the years, including our profs, family, friends and co-workers. We couldn’t have done it without you!