Olivia Bui

Nanaimo, BC
Olivia Bui

Liv is a whimsical spirit that always strives to add a flare of uniqueness to anything she creates. Focusing mainly on illustrations and animation, her true purpose is to finesse her way of communicating ideas, and happily discovering new mediums in the process. No matter the project, her passion lies at its core: to problem solve. Outside of work, Liv’s interests include trying out new experiences, working on herself, bonding with loved ones, and being an ally for human rights. She is a big believer in hobbies, and happens to be an experienced craft-master with a growing variety of materials; so if you have an idea that you want brought to life, give her a ring :)

The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.
Ayn Rand
Likes >
Living life
Dislikes >
Capitalism and the patriarchy
Favorite Memory >
no specific past memory, but my favorite part is getting to know people I want to keep around for life, and being able to continue making new memories with them
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