Rebecca Hanelt

Nanaimo, BC
Rebecca Hanelt

I'm a junior graphic designer that strives to make meaningful marks with my work. I’m passionate about social equality, justice and environmental responsibility. It’s my wish to work alongside people that value ethical, sustainable and unique design. This is what fills my cup and pushes me to be better at what I do.

Live well, you reap what you sow. The future is bright if we can ebb with the flow.
Palace, Track 3 on So Long Forever
Likes >
Salty ocean hair, espresso, eating meals outside, hikes in the mountains, the smell of rain, traveling to new countries, being creative in any capacity, and meeting new people.
Dislikes >
Salt in my sandwiches, being stalked by wild animals, staying in one place for too long, society pressures, and when I get a rock in my shoe.
Favorite Memory >
Going on a school trip to NYC for a gallery and museum tour.
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