Tara Jakubiec

Courtenay, BC
Tara Jakubiec

Tara's main areas of interest are UI/UX, infographics, and illustration. She is enthusiastic about research, particularly in colour theory and psychology as well as inclusive aspects of design. She intends to utilize these skills to continue and complete her Masters of Design. Her interests outside of design include going to the cinema, playing games with her friends, and enjoying the outdoors. She wants to be able to travel and experience different cultures so that she can understand what drives and motivates people all around the world. Every experience is a learning opportunity.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
Abraham Lincoln
Likes >
Cinemas and entertainment
Dislikes >
Pineapple on pizza
Favorite Memory >
Meeting everyone in person after spending my first year at VIU through a Webcam.
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